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Date Posted : Mar/10/2011
How To Rent An Apartment With A Criminal Background
 If you have a felony, you might have a difficult time finding a new apartment home. If there is one item on your background which is the most difficult to overcome, its one with a criminal aspect to it. Many apartment owners and landlords will not work with individuals who have certain types of criminal offenses.

Rent a new apartment here Usually if its related to theft or aggravated assualt then you will be denied. Here are a few quick tips if you have one of the above offenses.

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Don’t waste money on applications. Most apartment communities will run a complete background check and you will be denied. We have spoken with many applicants you submit three or four applications before they contact our company.
There is really now way to have this extinguished from your record unless you contact an attorney. They may have some ideas for you.
You will have to find another avenue to rent. Don’t get too aggravated or worried

Read on and get a few ideas what you can do as a renter.

Try Craigslist

Craigslist will give you access too many privately owned rentals. Its nice when you can speak directly with the owner. They may not even conduct a background check. Other owners will advertise that no background checks are conducted.

They understand that renters that have a criminal background are searching for rentals and they are happy to help them out. Craigslist is just one website. If you keep searching, you will find more.


If you use the website at, there is a section specifically for dedicated to renters. Many owners are interested in leasing out their homes and townhouses. And they don’t have to operate by someone elses rules since they own the home. You can even call the real estate agent listed next to the rental and ask about the restrictions and rules. And they may be able to influence the homeowner to rent to you.

Apartment Locators

Apartment Locators know which properties are willing to lease to those with felonies and misdeamenors. Contacting a few of them will surely result in some options that may be beneficial for you.

You might try calling on your own, but this task is extremely laborous. Why not have someone else do the work for you.

In conclusion, leasing an apartment home with a felony or misdeamenor can be a difficult task. Its just a matter of finding out what properties will work with you. Read more about leasing Downtown Houston apartments.
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