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Date Posted : Apr/07/2011
An Furniture Checklist For Your Apartment
Furnishing an apartment home can be a difficult and long process. So whether you now just moving into a brand new unit or are just upgrading the one you live in currently, selecting the appropriate pieces doesn’t have to be too difficult. Follow this simple checklist below. It makes furnishing your apartment home a breeze.

Start With The Bedroom

Bed - Everyone knows you will need a bed.  You probably can choose a large sleigh bed or even something as convenient as a futon.  Don’t just go out and purchase a mattress. You really should test mattresses as well as the springs to get the feel you’re searching for. But what other pieces will be appropriate too.

Nightstand  -  You will need something to play your radio, books, or personal belongings on. In addition, an alarm clock will come in handy so you can wake at the appropriate time.

Dresser – This piece wills serve as your holding place for all of your clothes, but you will also want it to look nice enough when you wake in the morning or have company over. You can also place some of your personal items on top too.

Then Onto The Living Room

This will be one of the most widely used rooms. So be sure and equip this room with all the necessary pieces in order to make it look inviting.  We have listed some of the mandatory pieces below.

Tables – These should be used to place drinks, plates, magazines, or any other items. The surface should be flat. And you will need some sort of end table near your sofa to complete the look you’re searching for.

Sofa – You want to be comfortable where you are sitting. If your sofa isn’t comfy, you won’t be using the room much. And your company won’t come over either. If you don’t have much space, you might want to think about a futon or larger loveseat.

An Entertainment Center – The living room is also perfect for an entertainment center.  This room is perfect for a flat screen television, surround sound speakers, a DVD player, and of course CD’s.  And since many people convene in the living room, this is a perfect place for your entertainment center.

Don’t Forget To Measure

Also when you start to choose your furniture pieces, you really should have taken measurements already. Remember to take the extra time to take the correct measurements. That way you won’t be returning many items.

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