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Houston Apartment Locator

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

It seems no matter what we include on our webpage, many individuals will still ask us if there is a fee for your service. I have taken the time to add “free apartment locating” on almost every page of the website. The home page even has a long description of how exactly apartment locating works in Houston, TX.  This tells us a few things.

1) Many people who visit apartment sites in search of their next apartment home, don’t really spend to much time reading text. Web-surfers are more interesting in photos, maps, and floor-plans.

2) When designing a site, you better make the navigation of your site easy for all users. Don’t make them search to hard for what they are looking for or they will go elsewhere to find what they are looking for.  Users want pictures and more pictures. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here is how apartment locating works in the Texas region. Apartments pay referral fees to real estate agents for procuring a lease.  The apartment community receives a tenant and the locator receives a fee for placing the tenant at the property.

Many apartment locators will also offer their customer a gift check as well. Other Houston apartment locators will provide free moving or cleaning services too. And would be renters won’t have to sign any contracts or agreements with the locator. It is all done on an oral basis. If your in the market for an apartment, some popular places to search include Downtown Houston apartments.

New Memorial Apartments for Rent

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

The Memorial area has become a hot bed for apartment living in Houston, TX today. Although Memorial stretches from the Downtown area westward to Highway 6 and beyond, most renters thinks of living in Memorial outside of Loop 610. There are actually a number of nice new communities that may have all the bells and whistles you may be searching for. Here is a brief recap of a few we like to send our clientele to.


This property is brand new for all intents and purposes (construction date 2008) and is managed by a popular company in Greystar. Each units contains a full size washer and dryer on-site. Interiors boast soaring 10 and 11 foot ceiling,s large windows, and gourmet kitchens featuring granite counters and stainless steel appliances.

Other bonuses include walk-in closets, and simulated wood flooring. If you tour a property that was built in the last few years you can count on custom features and amenities in apartment homes.

Broadstone Memorial

This is part of the Alliances family. You may recognize the name. There are many properties bearing this name around the Houston area. From Broadstone Uptown Lofts to Broadstone West18th, all are synonymous with one word, luxury. If your looking for a luxury Houston apartment, a Broadstone community may be just what your searching for.

Wood flooring, custom features like designer cabinetry and gourmet kitchens are what you will find in most apartment homes. Memorial apartments Houston have exploded onto the scene and offer renters competitive rates to.

Save Money on Water and Energy

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Who doesn’t want to save money on their energy and water bills?  And when you combine this with reusing, recycling, and cutting down on the non-renewable resources you use, this is the easiest way to “go green” in your apartment home today.

There are many new great techniques you can use as well as old common sense ones that you may have forgotten recently.  Most people realize that one must turn off their lights when they are not using rooms in their apartment or house, but how many people actually do it. Do you turn off the running water while you brush your teeth? Or are you one of those people who lets the water run?

 Easy Ways To Reduce Energy Usage

Here are a couple quick tips to lower your energy usage. Do you use surge protectors for your electrical equipment?  Most people actually have most of their electrical equipment centered around their television sets. The television, tuner, dvd player, cd player, video gaming system, and other equipment can create quite the clutter. A surge protector is what you should be using. And you can turn off the items with one quick switch.

Many people don’t unplug their appliances when not in use? How often do you use your microwave and toaster. Did you know that there is still an electrical current running through? Unplugging these sorts of items will cut down on your electrical use in your Heights apartments.

There are many apartments being built today with energy efficient construction. This helps lessen the usage of non-renewable energy sources. Please read more about Bellaire apartments and Apartments in Downtown Houston

How To Move To Your Next Apartment Home Free

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Part I

So you have decided to lease a new apartment home. But you really don’t want to spend money on with a moving company. Moving can be extremely stressful, but we have put together a list of steps that can help you get out of where you currently live, and into your next apartment move.

Or, if you decide that using movers is the best choice, there are many options that you have at your fingertips.

Get Help

The first people to help you for free will be your family members and friends. Let them know you will take them to lunch or you will give them some reward.

Also you will want to make sure you have enough people who can help you with the entire move. It may take several people to move heavier furniture and bulky items.

And if it takes 4 people to move a particular piece of furniture then that is the minimum amount you will need to help with your apartment search. Make sure you give enough advance notice to the parties that will be helping you move. Two or three weeks should be efficient enough.  Also email them far enough in advance to remember the date.

 Borrow or Rent a Truck

Contact a local truck company. They will usually have a fixed fee that may also include mileage. Once again you will want to book the truck far enough in advance. Give it at least two weeks as well.

Read more about renting Cypress apartments.