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Don’t Lease These Apartment Homes

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Safety is always an issue with an apartment community today. The number one thing people say that they are concerned with are safety issues. Choosing an apartment community that you are comfortable with should be one of your main priorities today. Here are a few items you should watch out for.

Gated Access

Does the apartment community you are interested in have access gates or can anyone walk in? If there are no access gates, then anyone off the street can simply walk into your apartment community.  This leads to break-ins in the parking lots of many apartment communities. Especially in larger cities like Houston that have more crime, an access gate should be included at the apartment community you have expressed interest in. If it doesn’t you better move on to another on.

Felonies and Broken Leases

Does the apartment community accept renters with broken leases or felonies? Individuals with broken leases don’t have much respect for their credit situation, and individuals with felonies are probably not people you want to be living next to. Be sure and ask your leasing agent about this. Most properties won’t accept individuals with these sorts of things on their credit. If they do, you should move on too.

Management Companies

Do a quick search online regarding the management company. Chances are if you see a lot of negative reviews, your not dealing with a class “A” management company. They may not attend to your needs or complaints. There are many great Downtown Houston apartments for rent. Look for a great Houston apartment today.