What Are The Differences Between Gas And Electricity

So what exactly is the difference between gas and electric when it comes down to heating or cooking in your apartment home. Many renters are perfectly happy with electric, while others believe that gas is the way to go. But if you know the difference between the two, it might help you in deciding where to rent your next apartment home.  But although you may not care, choosing one over the other may affect your monthly utility bills in different ways.

Read on to find out more about cooking and heating your apartment home with electricity or gas.


Gas may be more dangerous due to the output of fumes. So if this is a concern to you, you might want to crack open your windows while you cook. Many renters may want to think about having a carbon monoxide detector installed in their apartment home.  


There are some pros and cons for each when cooking with electric and gas stoves.  If your a chef, you probably know that cooking with gas is sought because the food is cooked evenly because heat is presented immediately to the food.


There is not an absolute answer to this question. It may depend on the rates for both electric and natural gas rates around the United States.  And sometimes there are different rates for apartment communities too.  Sometimes there are only certain providers that you can choose from inside your community.

Environmentally Friendly

Overall, gas is more efficient and friendly towards the environment.  But its also important to understand how the electricity and gas are produced too. Read on about leasing  Midtown apartments Houston.

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