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Clear Lake Apartment

Clear Lake Apartments

Clear Lake Apartments For Rent

Anyone locating to houston, texas to live and work knows that there are many urban areas to choose within the city limits. and clear lake apartments are an excellent place to call home.
with an ideal location, clear lake apartments are located in a planned community residing near several fortune 500 aerospace and petrochemical companies. not to mention the community is a stone’s throw away from nasa’s johnson space center, one of the most prominent aerospace organizations in the world.
clear lake city is considered a master-planned community that neighbors pasadena clear lake in southeast harris county. it was given the name “clear lake,” due to the lake that separates harris county from galveston county. in addition, the lake connects clear creek to the well-known galveston bay.
while kingwood is the largest of the master-planned communities in houston, clear lake is the second largest with an abundance of amenities reflecting today’s work life balance goals.

Family goals are clearly defined within the community’s nationally recognized public school systems. the clear lake independent school district operates both primary and secondary schools with two wide-ranging schools; clear brook high and clear lake high. and for the more religious minded, the st. clare of assisi school operates in houston by the roman catholic archdiocese.

In addition, professionals seeking career enhancement opportunities can find classes at the famed university of houston, which operates a branch centrally located in clear lake. the lunar and planet institute are also close and overlook clear lake.
as a further enhancement, the main public library is centrally located in clear lake with a 42,000 square foot facility named the harris county public library, which is partially funded by the houston public library. a second facility, the theodore c. freeman library also operates in the city.

While, no community is complete without a u.s. post office, clear lake is found in nearby Houston. and the local tax office is located directly in clear lake.
among the perks for nature buffs, residents can enjoy the sylvan Rodriguez park in Houston, a roughly 112-acre property built in 2001.

And the neighborhood community association (a.k.a) the clear lake community association, runs a full-service sports and recreation center complete with an Olympic size indoor pool; state of the art fitness center; tennis courts; gym and numerous outdoor pools.

While the history may not be steep in origins dating back to the first settlement, the community of clear lake certainly entices prospective families and individuals.

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