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A new trend in apartments becoming popular in Houston, Texas is loft apartments. Lofts are not like most apartments that have all the rooms separated. They are more open and airy giving the feeling of being much larger than they actually are. Lofts come in two different styles. A “soft loft” has a partial height partition dividing the sleeping area from the rest of the apartment. A hard loft is completely open with all spaces in one large room. Bathrooms are, of course, the exception.

Many lofts are being built and opened in the downtown area of Houston. These are centered around the Memorial Heights and Houston Galleria areas. Lofts at the Ballpark is an apartment complex that features the soft loft style of building. These loft apartments feature large living areas with the kitchen combined. The bedroom is separated by a partition that reaches only partway to the ceiling and there is no door on the bedroom. People who have never lived in lofts before may be more comfortable in a soft loft because of the semi privacy afforded by the partition.

Hogg Palace, in downtown Houston, is a prime example of a complex built using hard lofts. These loft apartments are entirely open with living area, kitchen, and sleeping area located in one large room. Bathrooms are private but the rest of the apartment is open.
Because more people find it to be more comfortable having a separate bedroom, most of the newer lofts are being built using the soft style. A person desiring the open airiness of the hard loft can usually persuade the landlord to remove the partition without much difficulty. Lofts are becoming so popular that many newer apartment complexes are including lofts as a percentage of the apartments being offered for rent.

All of the newer lofts being built include modern amenities including granite countertops, all stainless steel appliances, and dual sinks. Hardwood floors and fine wood cabinets add to the appeal of these apartments. Many new complexes include resort style swimming pools and cabanas. Some even offer Wi Fi connections available to residents in common areas. One feature that is basically unique to lofts is a panoramic floor to ceiling window in the living area that affords a spectacular view of downtown Houston.
Loft apartments offer a very different living arrangement than traditional apartments.

Lofts are becoming more popular both because of location and the layout of the apartment. Houston Lofts come in two different styles, soft and hard. The difference between the two is a partition that separates the bedroom from the rest of the apartment. More and more lofts are being built in and around the downtown area of Houston.

The proximity to entertainment and other attractions downtown, coupled with modern amenities and open airy space make these apartments very attractive. For this reason, more are being built all the time. Vacancies may still be difficult to come by as these apartments are filled quick
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Date Posted : May/13/2011
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